One thing we love here at Charity Charms is seeing the unique ways organizations choose to use charms. There are so many special ways to use charms and charming products to help reinforce behaviors, become soldiers of support, or even teach a new skill. Charms are a fun way to unite your community in ways you may have never thought possible. That is one incredible thing about charms: they become whatever tool you want them to be. Over the years we have seen a lot of different uses, and today we are sharing  ideas to get you brainstorming how you can use charms and tokens in your organization.

Charming Use: Awareness

uses for charms homeless ID project

The Homeless ID Project began over 35 years ago after Rev. Gerald Roseberry spent a month living among the homeless in Downtown Phoenix and Tucson. He took on this task so he could better understand the needs of the homeless population and how his church could better assist them. One thing he began to notice was the lack of personal documents with ones identity often left those experiencing homelessness from accessing services to help them. This lead Rev. Roseberry to fund the Ecumenical Chaplaincy for the Homeless which eventually became the Homeless ID Project. The Homeless ID Project assists those experiencing homelessness with regaining their identity and get the help they need.

How they Use Charms: The Homeless ID Project created a series of our popular Caring Cords as a tool for fundraising and a way to thank the volunteers at their Human Services Campus. Both of these ways allow volunteers and supporters to be reminded of the incredible work they are doing to improve the lives of others who are trying to regain their self-sufficiency.

Charming Use: Recovery

uses for charms retreat at lancaster county

Retreat at Lancaster County offers a range of drug and alcohol abuse treatment services to their patients. They help people get to the root of their problems while promoting physical, mental, and spiritual stability, especially through the treatment journey. They utilize a variety of approaches to helping individuals through the treatment process. Retreat at Lancaster County is a leader in the treatment of substance abuse and prides itself on its comprehensive treatment and support options.

How They Use Charms: Retreat Behavioral Health in Lancaster County to create a token that would remind their patients of their incredible journey to recovery and stability. Patients are given the silicone recovery bracelets to remind them daily that they have overcome their addiction and will continue to do so.

Charming Use: Education

uses for charms dottie rose foundation

The Dottie Rose Foundation is on a mission to connect the dots within technology and computer science to educate, support, and inspire the next generation. They envision closing the gender gap for females in the field of technology and computer science. They empower tech savvy girls through camps that offer hands-on experiential learning to develop the skill set they need to explore the areas of technology that excite them.

How They Use Charms: The Binary Bling Box is a set of beads that allows girls to go through Dottie Rose Foundation’s programs learning to write and understand Binary Code. Through the use of the kit, girls will learn how to write and understand the code while creating a bracelet representing something meaningful to them. The box features a selection of colorful beads, Binary Bling Box branding, and is presented in an organza bag. Our kits are put together by our incredible partners at Seeds for Autism.

Charming Use: Commemoration

uses for charms best friends animal society

Losing a pet can be a heartbreaking experience for any family with a furry friend. Best Friends Animal Society knows just how important these purrfect furry friends are to our lives and that is why they are on a mission to Save them All. As part of their online store, they have many charming items from earrings to necklaces that allow supporters to show just how much they love Best Friends. But to remember our beloved furry friends, they created commemorative tokens.

How They Use Charms: The Commemorative Tokens were created with animal symbolism and the Best Friends logo. They are used as a sort of healing stone for those who have lost a friend and want to remember them.

Causes of all kinds can benefit from using charms and charming branded items to unite their supporters, bond their community, or even raise the critical funds they need to do their incredible work. Our team works with you from the beginning to identify your goals and create a meaningful token that will be bring your success.


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