5 Brands That Get Social Media Marketing Right

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Social media is an important part of any organization. Whether you love or hate it, it can be used to reach your supporters, inform them, get them involved, and when used correctly, is a great marketing tool. With that in mind, we wanted to share a special guest blog written by Alberto Spiller about brands that are getting social media right. 

Most businesses today have a social media presence. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have millions of users and an engaged audience that businesses can use to their advantage. There is no denying, however, that it can be difficult! 

This is why it is important to look at what other businesses have done and how they have succeeded. In this article, we look at 5 cool examples where businesses got their social media right and made a real impact.

1. Houseparty – Collaborations with popular brands

Houseparty is a popular online social platform that saw great growth during the pandemic. They utilized an effective marketing campaign that partnered with an incredibly popular brand. This is a great thing to do if you can pull it off – it increases your brand by association.

Houseparty created a special social media trivia challenge based on the popular video game Fortnite. Users must work together to get 20 million correct answers on the platform – this would then unlock a unique item in the game!

2. Amazon – Effective use of humor

Whilst items like an iconic logo (you can create a professional logo here at LogoCreator), colors, and catchphrases can be effective, Amazon instead used humor in their social media posts.

They used user-generated content to their own advantage to improve engagement but also make people laugh. They trawled through Twitter posts and created funny and engaging responses that put a humorous twist on what the users were saying.

3. Coors Light – Beer Giveaway!

Coors Light is known for its commercials and marketing, but they also have great success with social media. In 2020, they created the hashtag #CouldUseABeer. 

Any user who used this Twitter hashtag in one of their posts and included the Coors Light handle received a free six-pack of beer! This is simply genius. It gives customers something they genuinely want, but it also helps spread brand awareness of Coors Light. In total, the company gave away a staggering 500,000 free beers – that’s commitment!

4. Digiorno – Effective use of HashTags

The pizza vendor Digiorno did something similar to Coors Light that was also incredibly effective. They created the hashtag #DeliverDiGionro in 2019 during the national pizza month (October apparently!).

Anyone who used this hashtag in one of their tweets and includes their city would receive a free DiGiorno pizza delivered to their door! How awesome is that? To pique interest, the pizza company also created social media posts so that users could vote on which cities would be eligible for the free pizza deliveries.

5. AirBnB – Supporting an Important Cause

An incredibly effective marketing ploy that you can use on social media is to show support for an important cause. The main point here is that you must be sincere. The support must be genuine and you must believe in what you are supporting. Don’t simply use something like this for personal gain!

Airbnb did something like this during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Airbnb was greatly affected by the pandemic, but this didn’t deter them. They used social media to share their campaign of offering subsided lodgings for first-line COVID-19 responders. This did help keep their business running, but it also genuinely helped people, and greatly boosted their brand image in the process.

Boost Your Social Media Marketing And Learn From These Legends

We cannot understate the importance of social media marketing. In today’s digital world, it is an important tool that small businesses should utilize. Using platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you can greatly boost your engagement and ultimately increase brand awareness and sales.

Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

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