Across the world there are many underserved communities. This is especially true when it comes to healthcare and many health services, we take for granted. Aloha Medical Mission serves to provide healthcare services to the underserved in the Pacific, Asia, and Hawaii. They are a volunteer based nonprofit organization based in Honolulu and Charity Charms was honored to assist them in creating a custom bracelet that helps to bring awareness to their mission and valuable care to members of their community.

Bringing the Aloha Medical Mission’s Logos to Life

Our founder, Kay McDonald, established a special bond with Toni Muranaka, the executive director of Aloha Medical Mission. They had connected on LinkedIn but had never met. A Charity Charms email campaign resonated with Toni and she reached out to talk with Kay. It was serendipitous as Kay was actually on her way to Honolulu and received Toni’s message after getting off the plane. She was there on vacation with her mother and husband. Kay and her mom, Sydna Mersereau, had the honor to visit and meet with Toni personally at the mission’s headquarters. This was very rare and special as Charity Charms is based in Arizona.

Toni and her team loved the GivingBands and thought they would fit as an event giveaway. They would also serve as marketing outreach for the many people they serve throughout the world. Their mission serves two distinct functions:

  1. The Aloha Dental Clinic which is based in Honolulu
  2. The Aloha Medical Mission which serves people all over the world

To co-brand the two functions for the Aloha Medical Mission GivingBands, we created a two-sided charm featuring their logo on one side and their tooth icon on the other. They were attached to black silicone GivingBands and presented with a custom card. The custom card is branded with both the Aloha Medical Mission and Dental Clinic’s logos and information.

Aloha Medical Mission will be launching their new charms on November 23rd at their event Aloha On a Mission II: Believe. The musical event will help raise funds to support the Aloha Medical Mission and Aloha United Way in celebration of the Aloha United Way’s 100th Anniversary.

Learn more about the event here

About Aloha Medical Mission

Founded in 1983 under the parent organization, the Philippine Medical Association, the organization began performing free cleft-lip surgery on children whose families couldn’t afford it. Since then, the Mission has expanded to include many surgical specialties and dental services. In the 1990s, the Aloha Medical Mission began programs to provide free medical care to the homeless, uninsured, and the indigent living in Hawaii. They would send caravans of doctors and nurses to beach camps until forming their own free medical and dental clinic in 2002. They currently run the only free dental clinic in Hawaii which remains their current focus to this day. They serve 30% of the state population and care for more than 3,000 patients annually which is about 300 patients a month – free of charge.

Learn more about Aloha Medical Mission

Aloha Medical Mission has served 16 countries and over 272,000 patients. Between 2008 and 2012 they helped 7,505 dental patients at their free clinic. They continue to expand their mission across the globe visiting 6 countries in 2019 and another 4 set so far in 2020. These logo GivingBands serve multiple purposes to the organization and will be used to help further their mission. We are thrilled to be a part of this serendipitous project with Aloha Medical Mission.

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