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There are over 40 million Americans taking care of an adult loved one with a serious health condition. The situation may sneak up on you as you slowly begin to realize that simple activities like refilling prescriptions and grocery shopping have become much more than an occasional generous action. Being a caregiver requires much love and patience and can be quite stressful. The need for caregiving can be triggered by sudden health events such as a stroke or a cancer diagnosis — or even a fall that results in limited mobility. It could also be the result of a progression of slowly emerging difficulties such as issues with memory, diabetes, COPD, and others. Eventually, the demands on your time as a caregiver may just become your new job or your new normal. Thankfully, caregivers aren’t alone. There are many resources available to help caregivers throughout their journey. One of these important resources is the annual National Caregiving Conference sponsored by

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Aging Matters International (AMI) works in the caregiving arena, and they were a sponsor of’s most recent (and fourth annual) conference held November 7-10th in Chicago, Illinois.

AMI founder, Debbie Howard, wanted to give conference attendees a memorable keepsake. She wanted this keepsake to be something they could take home with them as a reminder of how important their role is in caring for their loved ones. Together with Denise Brown, founder of, the team worked closely with Charity Charms to craft a meaningful bracelet as the conference takeaway.

Charity Charms’ GivingBands were the perfect fit. The result was a custom-branded, unisex bracelet that can be worn daily so the impact of the event lives on long after the last workshop. The lavender silicone bracelet was chosen to match’s brand color palette. A multi-color custom card (incorporating AMI’s brand colors) was created reminding caregivers of their importance meanwhile including websites and contact information. Two charms were attached. One was created from’s logo and the other was a special branding bead acknowledging AMI as the sponsor. AMI underwrote the program so there was no cost to, and it was a great Cause Marketing partnership for both parties.

All attendees received their bracelet at registration at the event. AMI further utilized the bracelets throughout the 3-day conference displaying them at their exhibition table and Debbie Howard’s book signing.

About AMI and

Debbie Howard started AMI out of her personal experience serving as a caregiver for her mother who died of cancer. She wanted to find a way to support other caregivers by sharing her experience. She aligned her professional career skills as a market researcher with her caregiving experience to research and write a book guiding caregivers through the stages each caregiver faces: planning, surviving, thriving, and relaunching your life when caregiving is done. Her book, The Caregiving Journey: Information, Guidance, Inspiration. was published in November 2018 and is available on Amazon.

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The book is supported by a website and bi-weekly newsletter. Debbie also gives speeches and workshops both regionally and nationally where she works to raise awareness of the caregiving crisis in our world. She also uses these mediums to promote global best practices of practical solutions.


Debbie Howard, Founder: Aging Matters International


About was created in 1996 by Denise M. Brown as a way to help and support those who care for a family member or friend. provides a meeting place and community in which caregivers support each other and build relationships through a common bond – through both online and offline activities. It’s website features blogs from fellow caregivers, comforting words, podcasts, and more. It features one of the largest libraries of caregiver-generated stories on the web. In 2011, they launched CareGifters, a program that funds caregiving solutions – one caregiver at a time.

Learn more about’s annual national conference is a one-of-a-kind event where former and current caregivers serve as panelists and presenters. They share their expertise in terms of solutions and ideas to make the world of caregiving better. This year’s theme was Our Amazing Difference and the event showcased the hard work of caregivers while acknowledging the important role they play in their family’s, their workplaces, their communities, and in the healthcare system. We were thrilled to be a part of’s conference by creating these event takeaways for and Aging Matters International.


View photos from the 4th Annual Conference in the gallery below

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