Caregiving Crisis Update with Debbie Howard

by Aug 29, 2023Podcast

In today’s fast-paced world, the intersection of caregivers and corporations is gaining increased attention. Caregivers play a vital role in providing essential support to individuals and this not only impacts the lives of the caregivers but also has far-reaching implications for business and society. As caregivers continue to play a critical role in society, we thought it was important to bring back our special guest Debbie Howard to discuss the collaboration between caregivers and corporations in the current landscape. This is a pivotal moment in which corporations are embracing a culture of empathy and flexibility within the normal business landscape. We should not only be looking forward to creating more inclusive and sustainable businesses, but prioritizing the well-being of ALL employees at ALL life stages, including those employees who care for aging loved ones.

We are all caregivers…be your best!

In this episode of The Power of Charms, Kay takes a dive deep into the world of caregiving with a true expert and advocate, Debbie Howard. Together they explore the journey of caregiving, delve into the pivotal role caregivers play in modern workplaces, unveil strategies to foster caregiving-friendly environments, and share information about a special course Debbie is offering.

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About Debbie Howard

Debbie Howard is a former caregiver who served as both long distance and live-in caregiver during her mom’s dying days in South Carolina, while running her Tokyo-based market research consultancy. With the launch of AMI (Aging Matters International), Debbie brings her market research and communications acumen to the world of caregiving. Debbie is an author, speaker, and founder of Aging Matters International,,, and Women Who Care.

the caregiving journey and the caregiving crisis book covers

Get Involved:

Individuals: Her first book (The Caregiving Journey: Information. Guidance. Inspiration.) supports individuals in going beyond logistics in managing their caregiving situations with ease and grace. Contact: and visit

Companies: Her second book, The Caregiving Crisis: What It Costs Your Business and How You Can Fix It, guides companies with practical ways to support employee caregivers and create more caregiver-friendly workplaces. Contact: and visit

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