Take the Lead’s Journey: Empowering Women for Leadership Success

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In a world that continues to evolve, Glora Feldt has taken the helm to empower her follow women to unlock their limitless potential. She is the driving force behind Take the Lead and has embarked on a mission to harness the inherent power within every woman. Founded on the belief that power is a boundless resource within us, Take the Lead is an organization that envisions a brighter future through increased female representation in leadership roles.

At the heart of their philosophy lies the conviction that more women in power equates to a better world. The organization has pioneered a transformative program tailored for women. The groundbreaking initiative unites influential women from diverse backgrounds to form a community that harnesses the collective strength of women in different industries to drive global change. Charity Charms has the pleasure of being a part of Take the Lead’s vision through various projects we have worked closely on with Gloria Feldt. These projects served as event gifts and tools of recognition for the women in these incredible programs.

A Token of Empowerment: The Sterling Silver Embracelets

Celebrating the achievements of graduates from Take the Lead’s program, the organization sought to encapsulate the essence of their journey. Enter the sterling silver Embracelets, a symbol of empowerment meticulously crafted in collaboration with Gloria Feldt. Gloria attested, “They love their bracelets!” These exquisite Embracelets, infused with symbolism, serve as a constant reminder of the power and parity that Take the Lead imparts.

Each bracelet tells a story, featuring a sterling silver charm fashioned after Take the Lead’s logo. The emblem’s front proudly displays the logo, while the reverse elegantly spells out Take the Lead. A signature branding bead graces every bracelet, carrying the vital words POWER and INTENTION. These words encapsulate the essence of Take the Lead’s teachings, urging women to embrace their capabilities with purposeful determination. These bracelets are also a wonderful gift given to speakers, key donors, and special women involved with Take the Lead.

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A Legacy of Empowerment: Take the Lead’s Power Up Conference

In addition,Take the Lead does and annual Power Up Conference. This landmark event unites women on a transformative journey of leadership development. Each year we collaborate with them on a special gift for their attendees. Participants immerse themselves in workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, fostering connections that transcend industries and backgrounds.

This unique gift for conference attendees is a sleek black silicone bracelet adorned with a symbolic charm for each year. The charm bracelet pictured was for 2020 which embodied the conference’s theme: Intention is KEY. Each bracelet was thoughtfully packaged with custom carding featuring Take the Lead’s 10 Power Tools, symbolizing the arsenal of skills necessary to thrive as leaders. During the conference, a panel moderator illuminated the bracelet’s significance, adding a profound layer of meaning to the experience and the gift itself.

To learn more about or to attend the 2023 Power Up Conference click here for details!

About Take the Lead & Gloria Feldt

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Gloria Feldt, a visionary leader and tireless advocate for gender quality, has spent her life championing the empowerment of women. With an unwavering belief in the boundless potential of every individual, Feldt has dedicated her efforts to breaking down barriers and reshaping the narrative surrounding women’s roles in society. Gloria’s most notable role came as President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 1996 to 2005. Under her leadership, Planned Parenthood underwent a transformation, becoming a powerful advocate for reproductive rights and women’s autonomy. Gloria is an accomplished author and charismatic speaker who has left an enduring impact inspiring individuals worldwide. She continues to ignite the power in women, amplify women’s voices, and drive societal change to shape a more equitable future.

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Listen to Gloria Feldt on the Power of Charms Podcast!

Join Kay and Gloria as they discuss the breakthrough training, mentoring, coaching and the immediately actionable 9 Leadership Power Tools available through Take The Lead Women. Get inspired as Gloria shares her commitment to helping women define their power and thrive in the world as it is, while working to change the world around them.


Take the Lead is a dynamic organization committed to propelling women in to leadership roles across all sectors. With a resolute focus on closing the gender leadership gap, Take the Lead offers innovative programs, training, and resources designed to equip women with the skills, confidence, and network necessary to shatter glass ceilings. Through mentorship, workshops, and advocacy, Take the Lead cultivates a community of empowered women who are rewriting the narrative of leadership. By challenging systemic barriers and fostering a culture of inclusivity, Take the Lead paves the way for women to assume their rightful positions at the helm of organizations, industries, and society as a whole. In the journey toward equality, Take the Lead is leading the charge, igniting transformational change one empowered leader at a time.

Gloria Feldt’s brainchild stands as a testament to the remarkable power of women uniting for a common purpose. Take The Lead’s initiatives, from the sterling silver Embracelets to the Power Up Conference, propel women toward leadership roles with intention and determination. As Take The Lead continues to inspire and empower, its legacy shines as a beacon of hope, driving positive change for women and society at large.

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