Jessica Adnani: Uniting Philanthropy

by Nov 16, 2021Podcast

Over the past year, many of us have had to pivot whether with our careers, businesses, or just in our personal lives. Working with nonprofits, the biggest shift we saw was the impact on their events. Nonprofit organizations’ biggest fundraisers are often live, in-person events that add excitement and emotion to their causes. No one knows this better than Jessica Adnani founder of Personalized Solutions – a digital marketing event planning company offering both for-profit and nonprofit organizations strategies and services. 

Join Kay and Jessica as they discuss her company Personalized Solutions, its new division and its future, her tips for nonprofits and businesses alike, and more! 

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Jessica’s Power Symbol: The Evil Eye

jessica adnani power symbol

Jessica’s Power Symbol is the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is a symbol that appears in Middle Eastern, Greek, and many other cultures. Being half Persian and half Swedish, Jessica was gifted little evil eye gifts by her grandmother whom she was very close with. Her grandmother explained it was to protect and ward off negative energy. She always has one close to her whether in the car or even in the shower! The Evil Eye is considered a curse from Greek Culture. It is a look or stare that is believed to bring bad luck to the person whom it is directed at. The evil eye curse has a long history as far back as 3,000BC.

About Jessica Adnani, Personalized Solutions, and Philanthropy United

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Jessica Leila Adnani started her business immediately after graduating college in Washington D.C. in 2012. Her work with political and nonprofit clients quickly caught on, even getting notice from the Washington Post on the Sunday cover of the business section. When she turned 30 she decided it was officially time to expand and decided to relocate her business to Scottsdale, Arizona. Since arriving in 2018 she has worked with dozens of local Arizona nonprofits and in 2019 and 2020 her firm sold out every nonprofit fundraising event they planned. During COVID she decided to pivot and add a new digital element to her business and they no offer content creation and podcast studio in the heart of Old Town. With the creation of the podcast studio, Jessica launched the Philanthropy United Podcast, a free podcast that features nonprofits sharing their impact stories with the goal of reaching a larger audience. Now in Season two, it has been a massive success. 

As of November 2021, Jessica’s firm, Personalized Solutions has split in two. Personalized Solutions is now solely focused on for-profit clients and Philanthropy United focuses on nonprofit clientele. Jessica is a Big Sister with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central AZ, and currently splits her time between Dallas, Texas, and Scottsdale Arizona. She is a cat mom to two adorable fluffs and when in Scottsdale teaches group boxing fitness classes at Onyx Boxing.  

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