Meet Kim Adams: The Corporate Hippie!

by Nov 10, 2021Podcast

You may think the words “corporate” and “hippie” don’t go well together, but then again, you probably just haven’t met Kim Adams. Kim Adams is an inspiring woman who is helping corporate America reach its full potential through manifestation, self-care, and unlocking the magic of their lives. She helps companies realize their employees are more than just a bottom line. They are an extension of the businesses’ spiritual family. Her new book, The Corporate Hippie, dispels the notion that in order to rise in the corporate world you must be ruthless. Instead, she teaches how leading with passion, following your instincts, and celebrating uniqueness can lead to an environment that fosters growth and encourages employees to be themselves. She also gives her tips for helping to pave a brighter and lighter road ahead. 

Join Kay and Kim as they discuss The Corporate Hippie, her tips for raising your vibration, the importance of recognizing symbols, their meanings, and more! 

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Kim’s Power Symbol: The Peace Sign

Looking for the symbolism and signs around us is important to manifesting and living our best lives. Kim’s Power Symbol is the Peace Sign because it reminds her of The Corporate Hippie. The Peace Sign is an incredibly popular and recognizable symbol. It has become heavily linked to the hippie movement of the 1960s, but did you know the modern peace sign was designed in 1958 as part of a campaign for nuclear disarmament? It was described as a symbol representing despair with the lines forming a human with its hands questioning at its sides. It has since become the universal symbol of peace. 

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About Kim Adams

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Kim Adams is the manifestor of magic in her life and she is ready to inspire others to go after all of their dreams through trusting their intuition, practicing self-care, and being deeply heart-led. She wants to inspire other women to change their lives in an instant by practicing meditation and trusting the universe through synchronicity, signs, and the magical shit you just can’t make up. Kim lives in Orange County, California with the love of her life and two children. She aspires to change how teams work together in corporate America by operating from a place of joy and love. 

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