Maggie’s Place: A Home With Heart with Laura Magruder

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Maggie’s Place was founded by a group of young women with a passion for giving back and has evolved into a beacon of support, resilience, and community impact. In a recent heartwarming episode of the Power of Charms, Kay sat down with Laura Magruder, the Chief Executive Officer, of Maggie’s Place to explore the inspiring journey of this haven for pregnant mothers and infants. As Laura shared the incredible growth from a single property to give maternity homes, a thrift store, and a family success center, the deep connection between Maggie’s Place and the community became evident. The success story is not just about the shelter, but the long-term recovery, stability, and empowerment, Maggie’s Place provides to pregnant mothers.

Excitingly, Maggie’s Place is gearing up for it’s 25th anniversary celebration in 2025. A unique and heartfelt touch to this milestone is a collaboration with Charity Charms! This beautiful keepsake serves as both a token of gratitude for donors and a commemoration of Maggie’s Place’s incredible journey. These Charm Fob’s encapsulate the spirt of community support, resilience, and the enduring impact of Maggie’s Place.

Charm Fobs: Donor Gifts & Celebrating a BIG Milestone

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Maggie’s Place chose our Charm Fobs as their donor gift because they are unisex and can be utilized every day by their supporters. The navy blue Charm Fobs host a 22mm pewter Maggie’s Place charm transcent accessories to become a powerful symbol of connection and celebration. These treasures carry profound sentiments, serving as tangible reminders of special moments, milestones, or the shared bonds that unite us. Charm Fobs are expressions of gratitude and nonprofits often collaborate with Charity Charms to create bespoke Charm Fobs as tokens of appreciation. As Maggie’s Place begins celebrating 25 years, the Charm Fob becomes more than a beautiful trinket. It becomes a commemoration of resilience, community support, and the empowering journey of countless lives over their years in operation. Charm Fobs are a unique and special item that make the perfect donor gifts.

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The Power of Charms Episode #54: Maggie’s Place – A Home With Heart

Join host Kay McDonald as she explores inspiring stories of resilience, growth and community impact. In this episode, Kay sits down with Laura Magruder, the Chief Executive Officer of Maggie’s Place, a haven for pregnant mothers and infants. Discover the incredible journey of Maggie’s Place, it’s expansion, and the heartwarming stories of the women it serves. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and insights into the power of community and support.

Watch their discussion above or click here to listen on Spotify.


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About Laura Magruder & Maggie’s Place

Laura joined Maggie’s Place as CEO in September of 2013. She holds a Masters of Education in Counseling and has over thirty years of experience in the private, government, and nonprofit sectors. Her primary focus has always involved issues concerning children, youth and families, education and advocacy. The common thread throughout her professional and academic career has been her dedication to excellence, collaboration and solutions-driven problem solving. She believes deeply in breaking the cycle of abuse, poverty, violence and trauma to free women and children to live productive lives. This is why she is involved with Maggie’s Place, if we can change love self-esteem to self-worth and strength, we can change the world. She has a history, in her personal and professional life, of working with the disenfranchised and righting the wrongs against them. She has lobbied for health and education legislation, advocated for youth, volunteered for the Foster Care Review Board at the state and county levels, and served on the Arizona Life Coalition (Board Member and Chair) and the Maricopa Regional Continuum of Care Committee. She currently serves on the Arizona Adverse Childhood Experiences Consortium (Board Member).

Maggie’s Place has served moms, babies, families and the communities for more than 23 years. They provide safe housing and a nurturing community for homeless pregnant women, empowering them to thrive throughout their lifetime. They aspire to help break the cycle of generational trauma and transform the community throughout Maricopa County. They believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect, and that all children deserve to live in a safe environment that promotes their healthy development. Overall they have a passion for building a community based on hope and resiliency. Their programs provide a stable nurturing home, nutritious food, infant supplies, access to medical care and programs that are trauma informed, focused on building and strengthening families.

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