Meet Jeanine Konopelski & Canine Companions!

by Jun 5, 2023Podcast

A service dog can make a difference in the lives of those who need them most. From children with cognitive and physical disabilities to veterans with injuries or PTSD, Canine Companions trains and pairs those in need with a dog that can help them live more independent lives. Canine Companions also goes beyond typical service dogs and has placed them in many healthcare, educational, and criminal justice programs. To share their incredible work, we invited Jeanine Konopelski to The Power of Charms.

Join Kay and Jeanine as they discuss Canine Companions rebrand, the increasing demand for service dogs, the special projects they have worked on together and more!

Click the video below to view their interview or click here to listen.

About Jeanine Konopelski

Jeanine Konopelski joined Canine Companions in 2006, leading the organization’s marketing and public relations efforts. Jeanine manages the overall Canine Companions brand marketing strategy, with the core objectives to engage more people in Canine Companions’ mission. She oversees the creation and execution of integrated marketing campaigns and programs to grow, mobilize and steward the broad and diverse family of Canine Companions stakeholders. Directing brand advancement, communications, direct marketing, strategic marketing partnerships, and creative services, she leads a team of marketing, communications, and creative professionals. And she gets to spend her days looking at cute puppy pictures! 

She received her BBA in marketing from the University of Iowa, and an MBA from DePaul University in Chicago. Her nonprofit and public-sector experience includes positions in high education and Fortune 500 corporations, where she utilized her expertise in business development, branding, marketing, and corporate relations.  

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