Since 1975, Canine Companions has placed over 7,000 service dogs entirely free of charge with those who need them. These trained furry friends are taught to not only open doors, pick up dropped items, and turn on lights they can alert to important sounds while increasing confidence, independence, and quality of life for children, adults, and veterans. They also serve the healthcare, educational, and criminal justice system. Since these animals are paired with and provided to these individuals in need free of charge, they rely on the support of the community to make this happen. Canine Companions came to Charity Charms years ago to create unique, special gifts for their donors and a wonderful partnership was born.

A Special Way of Thanking Donors

GivingBands Dog Collar Charm
Charma Power Bracelets New Charm Fob!

We have worked with Canine Companions on a series of projects the first being GivingBands that served as donor gifts. The next was a dog collar charm that served as a key element of their Give a Dog a Job campaign. These adorable clip on charms were in the shape of a service dog and had a Canine Companions logo charm for brand awareness. Canine Companions also used our Charma Power bracelets in their signature blue and yellow colors for fundraising and awareness. Most recently we worked together on a blue Charm Fob featuring their NEW logo charm! These Charm Fobs will be used for thanking the essential monthly donors who keep Canine Companions providing these helpful, furry friends. 

About Canine Companions

canine companions logo
Canine Companions is a non-profit organization enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained service dogs and ongoing support to ensure a quality partnership. Each year Canine Companions places over 300 highly trained service dogs with a person needing assistance. They attend training sessions together where they learn service dog’s behavior, to respond to commands it has learned, and how to assume responsibility for maintaining their new friends’ health and well-being. These incredible animals are provided to people with disabilities completely free of charge. The organization is funded by individuals, gifts from businesses, civic groups, service organizations, grants from corporations and foundations, fundraising activities, and special events. They also utilize Puppy Raisers, their largest group of volunteers, who contribute to the basic costs and needs of raising a puppy!

Learn more or give to Canine Companions here.

Meet Jeanine Konopelski on the Power of Charms!

jeanine konopelski canine companions

Meet the inspiring Jeanine Konopelski, VP of Marketing and Advocacy at Canine Companions! Join Kay and Jeanine as they discuss Canine Companions rebrand, the increasing demand for service dogs, their impact on lives and the community, and more!



Causes of all kinds can benefit from using charms and charming branded items to unite their supporters, bond their community, or even raise the critical funds they need to do their incredible work. Our team works with you from the beginning to identify your goals and create a meaningful token that will be bring your success.



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