Meet Julia Winter & Jewel Ya: Where Fashion Meets Compassion

by Dec 6, 2023Podcast

In the world of creativity and compassion, Julia Winter stands as a beacon, blending fashion with empathy through her remarkable journey in the jewelry business. Recently, Kay had the pleasure of connecting with her friend Julia, a trailblazing entrepreneur celebrating two decades in the industry. From the heart of Phoenix, Julia welcomed Kay into her world of exquisite craftsmanship and philanthropy. Julia’s journey began amidst a tech career, navigating the complexities of corporate giants like IBM and Xerox. Yet, the constant travel coupled with the prospect of starting a family, led her to seek a more flexible career path.

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A serendipitous encounter with a life coach steered Julia toward her passion for jewelry. Armed with her tech acumen and a knack for customer service, she delved into the art of crafting jewelry, marking the inception of her brand, Jewel Ya. However, Julia’s commitment to giving back to the community is beyond her craft. Her philanthropic endeavors, deeply ingrained in the core of her business, resonate profoundly. Through collaborations and unique pieces dedicated to supporting causes close to her heart, Julia effortlessly marries her business success with making a meaningful impact. Julia’s innovative marketing strategies, like the ‘Sunday Share,’ spotlight inspiring women and promoting their stories and achievements, reflect her genuine interest in uplifting others.

Their conversation unveiled not just a savvy businesswoman but a warm, kindred spirit with a heart for connections. Julia’s journey and the evolution of Jewel Ya signify more than just a business milestone. They symbolize resilience, empathy, and the enduring power of crafting beauty fused with compassion.

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The Power of Charms Episode #53: Meet Jewel Ya – Where Fashion Meets Compassion

Join Julia and Kay as they chat about Jewel Ya, her commitment to giving back to the community, jewelry trends, her love of collaboration, and more!

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About Julia Winter & Jewel Ya

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After a successful career in technology with IBM and Xerox and a heart that always leaned toward the creative, she leaped to leave the corporate world and begin her life’s work with Jewel Ya. Now in their 20th year, Jewel Ya continues to excite and inspire Julia to create original, timeless, and versatile jewelry designs. You will find that all Jewel Ya creations are 
specifically designed to be transitional for multiple looks. Adjust chain lengths, swap earring drops, add a pendant, and layer for impact……the versatility keeps Jewel Ya designs timelessly sophisticated yet always on-trend.

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