As an organization deeply committed to fostering a legacy of love and continuous support among its patrons, the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary has consistently strived to maintain an enduring relationship with its supporters. Since their initial partnership with Charity Charms in 2007, their innovative approach to fundraising has blossomed into a captivating tradition that not only raises funds but also forges lasting connections with visitors.

The collaboration birthed a sterling silver zebra charm, serving as a symbol of support and a means of fundraising for the Auxiliary. Year after year, the zoo has unveiled a new animal charm, expanding their collection to now include a menagerie of seven exquisite designs: the zebra, orangutan, giraffe, oryx, elephant, tiger, and rhino. These charms have found their place adorning various accessories such as GivingBands, Bangle Dangles, and the distinctive Jungle Beads bracelets.

the phoenix zoo auxiliary charm collection

The Jungle Beads bracelets are a unique creation showcasing intricate bead combinations mirroring the colors of the the beads. These unique bracelets have become a hallmark of the Auxiliary’s offerings. With a diverse array of styles, supporters eagerly return annually, anticipating the introduction of new charms and fresh designs.

In their continuous quest to engage and delight supporters, the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary embarked on a new phase last year introducing even more products and an adorable sloth charm. Continuing this tradition, in 2023 they introduced a charm capturing one of the most attention-grabbing animals at the zoo: The Flamingo!

The Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary Legacy Charm Collection: The Flamingo


the phoenix zoo auxiliary charm collection flamingo


The enchanting Flamingo charm swiftly found its place among the entire Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary line. Its contribution to the Jungle Beads collection encompasses the beauty and eye-catching colors of the flamingo. The various shades of pink mixed with the 100% recycled pewter charm allow supporters to showcase their love of these interesting animals while having a little fun with their style. This new addition to the Jungle Beads collection stands apart from the rest and draws attention to the importance of conservation.

Through these innovative initiatives and the introduction of the newest Flamingo charm, the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary remains steadfast in its commitment to building enduring relationships with its supporters while ensuring that each visit, and each purchase, contributes to the conservation efforts and enduring legacy of love for wildlife and the zoo.

the phoenix zoo auxiliary charm collection

About The Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary

the phoenix zoo legacy charm collection zoo logo

The Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary was formed in 1961 and is the Zoo’s oldest fundraising organization. Since it began, before the zoo even opened its doors, the Auxiliary has contributed over $3 million in funding for various projects. You can find members throughout the Zoo at any event, leading a field trip or simply greeting guests. They wear their signature iconic zebra stripe vests, making them easy to spot. This group of accomplished women is still going strong through hard work, dedication, and upholding the mission to raise funds for the Zoo, education, and conservation.

Create Your Own Legacy Charm Collection

legacy charm collection how it works

Utilizing a Legacy Program has enabled the supporters of the Phoenix Zoo and the Phoenix Zoo Auxiliary to showcase their love of animals in a new way. Whether they purchase their favorite animal or continue to build their collection year after year, offering a new charm and new product lines helps to keep supporters engaged, spread the message about the Zoo’s efforts, and keep their mission going. Organizations of all kinds can utilize this formula and program to elevate their marketing and fundraising and increase their brand awareness.



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