The Power of Symbols

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When organizations begin, one main goal is to figure out what its purpose is in the world. Is it helping people? Uniting people through a common goal or passion? Does it offer a unique product or service? Once you determine this key factor, you move on to branding. Branding is significant because it tells the world what you’re about. Logos are the icons that symbolize your cause, passion, or purpose without using words. This is where symbols come in. You don’t just choose a symbol at random. You choose a symbol with meaning and purpose. These symbols hold power, so you want to be sure you’re saying the right things. We love our line of popular symbol charms because they allow organizations to create meaningful tokens with symbols that encompass their cause, passions, and community.

What is Symbolism?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Symbolism is the “practice of using symbols by investing things with symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or tangible by visible representations” and they are all around us. They are used to offer a visual expression of words. For example, the red octagon shape of a stop sign is universally understood to mean stop. This means no matter where you are you know the intended action when reading isn’t practical. Symbols communicate visually and many of them have existing meanings that have developed over centuries. In order to communicate your brand, cause, purpose etc effectively, it’s key to know the meanings of your symbols.

Here are a few popular symbols and their meanings.

butterfly symbol charms


The butterfly is often considered a symbol of growth, new beginnings, and hope. Given the lifecycle of the butterfly, it’s not surprising that it channels life forces like rebirth and change. They have held a significant place in mythology from cultures around the world. For example Native Americans consider butterflies to be a symbol of hope and rebirth while in Chinese culture they symbolize freedom, love, and the human soul.

Sun symbol charms

The Sun

The Sun is one of the most powerful symbols there is and one of the most prominent. The sun sustains life. It has been used for much of history in different forms or illustrations. In modern day design, sun symbols have been used to represent joy and power. In many cultures from the ancient Romans and Greeks to the Egyptians, the sun has been considered a God and ruler of heavens. The sun illuminates our world and can give us power, positivity, and clarity.

heart symbol charms


The heart is easily the most popular and most recognizable symbols in the world. It is the life force of our physical and spiritual beings. It has many different meanings from love to even wisdom. In Ancient Egypt the heart symbolized the essence of life which is why the hearts were well preserved. Hearts carry intelligence, understanding, and our souls. In addition to love they can symbolize courage, affection, and compassion.

goddess symbol charms

Goddess Symbols

Another recent popular group of symbols are Goddess symbols. Gods and Goddesses have always been represented in popular culture. When it comes to Goddess symbols, Mother Nature is the most used and references nature. It can also be an icon of wisdom. Other goddess symbols are chose to convey the powerful qualities of the goddess that are aligned with the organization or brand.

animal symbol charms


Animals became popular during the Middle Ages when flags, shields, and coats of arms began to use them to represent group affiliation. Animal symbolism typically is used to honor or convey a trait of the animal. For example, lions symbolized royalty and doves symbolized peace. The most commonly used were lions, wolves, and bears but even mythical creatures like dragons have been used. Parts of animals, such as wings, are even used to represent freedom or paws for strength.

lotus flower symbol charms

Lotus Flowers

The Lotus Flower is one of the most popular symbols of recent years. Hindus and Buddhists use the Lotus to symbolize purity. It can be depicted many different ways including with open petals that symbolize the chakras that sustain human life. This symbol has been associated with health and wellness.

star symbol charms


The star is another popular celestial symbol. It can be considered a beacon of hope not to mention be used to convey positivity, renewal, and happiness. Stars are magical and inspiring. When we see a shining star we often make a wish to help with our goals and dreams. Stars help us along the way and start a new beginning. Stars can fill people with love, light, and good health.

moon symbol charms

The Moon

The moon is one of the most mysterious symbols and often represents changes. As with the moon cycles, its various shapes have been used to illustrate transformation. The moon is often associated with the divine feminine. Similar to the Sun, the moon shines down and illuminates our lives but with a focus on the dark. It represents the knowledge that comes to us through insights as we search and look around us in the world.

popular symbol charms

Now It’s Your Turn: Utilize The Power of Symbol Charms

Symbols unite us and bring specific meaning to our lives, organizations, and passions. It’s one of the reasons why we love charms. Charm bracelets have been used for centuries to collect the important things in our lives. Your organization can utilize our popular line of symbol charms to create an iconic piece of jewelry or accessories that bond, unite, or even thank your community. They allow your audience to show their passion for your cause or brand in a special, unique way.

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