8 Incredible Women’s Groups Uniting With the Power of Charms!

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March is Women’s History Month and March 8th specifically is International Women’s Day. This year the SBA is honoring women who tell our stories and that gave us an idea. One of Charity Charms’ main missions is to uplift, empower, and celebrate women. As a female run business, we love giving a platform for other women to share their stories, missions, and incredible work with the rest of the world. Through our custom jewelry, accessories, and our podcast, The Power of Charms, we are building a strong community of storytellers all united by one mission: To make the world a better place.

Today we are featuring 8 projects all done for women’s organizations. What makes these projects special is each group is unique and had their own purpose. Each project utilized a piece that fit perfectly with the organization right down to the brand colors and logo charm. All 8 organizations used their custom items in a different way whether it was welcoming new members or raising important funds for their cause. Read on to learn more about these projects and incredible women!

Take the Lead Honors Graduates With Embracelets

take the lead sterling silver embracelets

For their program graduation, Take The Lead wanted a special gift to provide the women. This bracelet would serve as a reminder of the power they have to be great leaders in the nonprofit world. They selected sterling silver Embracelets as the perfect fit. They are timeless, stylish, and can feature one or many charms. We turned Take The Lead’s unique logo into a sterling silver charm. The front features the logo itself while the back says Take The Lead. Additionally, each bracelet features a signature branding bead with two important words. The first is POWER to remind women of the essential lessons of Take The Lead. The second is INTENTION because, in all that we do, it is important to do it with intention.

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WomenHeart’s Gorgeous Jewelry Honoring Health Month

custom charms for women womenheart embracelets

In honor of Heart Month, WomenHeart created a sterling silver Embracelet and pewter Charm Fob featuring their new logo. These items were given to donors through various tiers to raise money for their incredible mission. WomenHeart was founded in 1999 by three women who had experienced heart attacks and the many obstacles associated with them including misdiagnosis, inadequate treatment, and social isolation. They began as a tiny support network but have grown to be the only national network of patient support groups across the country with nearly 100 in more than 30 states. Today they continue their efforts to build a network of support, connection, and important information for women to utilize throughout their heart journey. 

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Bridges Re-Entry & Tokens of Support for Women Changing Their Lives

When women reenter society after being incarcerated, there are many barrier and obstacles they are faced with. Whether it’s employment, housing, or simply adapting to a changing world, they can often struggle to acclimate and feel alone. Bridges Reentry is on a mission to empower women with the skills needed to integrate into society. The life changing skills that will help them live honest, sober, and self-sufficient lives. When launching a new program and hosting a special event to find mentors, Bridges Reentry wanted a special token that would bond women together. The bracelets are created with gorgeous colorful beads taken directly from their logo. Front and center is their symbolic stained glass logo charm. Each bracelet comes with a custom card reminding the recipients of the incredible cause they are a part of.

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The KNOW Women & the Power of Community

The KNOW Women, formerly the KNOW Tribe, is a community of dynamic women who are doing awesome things for women within their cities. The tribe exists to bring attention to these women and their unique attributes they bring to the world. In order to be a member, a woman has to be making big strides within the community and her industry. What began as a Phoenix, Arizona based book has now grown into a multi-city group filled with extraordinary women of all types. The overreaching goal of the KNOW Women is to bring together women aligned with their mission to uplift and support other women rather than compete. Every woman receives a custom rose quartz Charity Charms stone bracelet with a KNOW Women logo charm and the year they were included on the back. The bracelet was created with balance, focus, and purpose in mind.

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WATT’S Charming Membership Bracelets

WATT (Women at the Top) is a private membership group in Phoenix, AZ. Only 50 members are in the group and each women either owns her own business or is a top executive at a corporation. When the group decided to update their logo they thought a special charm bracelet would be a wonderful way to define and celebrate membership. One of the members in the group who owns a design firm ran a contest for members to choose the best design for the new logo. Once it was chosen, Charity Charms created the sterling charm and two sterling bracelet options. Each member was delighted to receive her selected bracelet in a beautiful Charity Charms hatbox. Members wear their bracelets daily and often combine them with other bracelets they own in a layered effect.

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Dottie Rose & The Binary Bling Box

The Binary Bling Box is helping Dottie Rose build a new generation of female technologists by developing skills, confidence, and voice. Dottie Rose encourages girls to be curious and create rather than simply consume technology. The Binary Bling Box is a set of beads that allows girls to go through Dottie Rose Foundation’s programs learning to write and understand Binary Code. Through the use of the kit, girls will learn how to write and understand the code while creating a bracelet representing something meaningful to them. The box features a selection of colorful beads, Binary Bling Box branding, and is presented in an organza bag. A fun, engaging way for young girls to apply the principles they have learned, show real life understanding of the computer science concepts, and how they connect with every day activities.

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WEN Charm Bracelets Empowering Women Across the Globe

Lisa Wester from LabCorp came to Charity Charms with a very specific vision of creating a bracelet and knew just what she wanted. As a result, the WEN (Women’s Empowerment Network) bracelet was born. Lisa knew she wanted to create a private-label item with meaning that would define WEN’S brand and accomplish their objectives. She and Kay McDonald, founder of Charity Charms, worked closely together in order to create a signature bracelet that would not only celebrate WEN but bring Lisa’s vision to life. The WEN bracelet elevated our Charma Power bracelets by utilizing glass pearl beads on a stretch bracelet. We created a 3D custom charm designed from the icon in their logo. Both the charm and the bead size are larger than our standard size and play off each other to create a unique, special piece.

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The YWCA & Showing Up Authentically

For some of us it takes a lot to be authentic and ourselves especially in a world that tells us who it thinks we should be. As women it’s can be even harder, but the truth is, when we are authentic and transparent with who we are, we can give much more to the world. Being open and proud of who we are, our life experiences, and our passions enables us to see viewpoints other than our own not to mention bring our own perspective to situations. Meet Debbie Esparza from the YWCA Metropolitan Phoenix. Debbie is committed and passionate about helping women and girls be seen and appreciated for who they are while being treated as equals.

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Looking for a way to honor, unite, or celebrate your women’s organization? Ready to get started? Book a complimentary idea session and our team will work with you to bring your vision to life no matter what your budget or idea!

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