Creative DIY Bracelets


Our Story Boxes are custom-created with beads that tie in the brand colors of your organization. They provide a fun and engaging way for your supporters to make their own bracelets while featuring your LOGO charm as an added treat.


Great Do-It-Yourself package to use with groups as a fun activity together or individually. Girls camps and retreats, charter schools, birthdays, and special events. Your team can use our kits to create your custom bracelets for:

Gifts for Donors, Volunteers, and Supporters, Employee and Recognition Engagement Campaigns, Re-Branding, Fundraising, Walks and Runs, Membership Incentives, Corporate Gifts, Gala Gifts, Special Events, SWAG Bags, Online Sales, and Cause Marketing.


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About Story Boxes

Looking for a unique and engaging way to connect with your supporters or team members? You can look no further than Story Boxes. Our custom-created Story Boxes provide a unique branded way to provide products and information to your community. Choose the DIY option and have your team assemble them, or we will do the entire process for you. Fill them up with Charity Charms products, your own branded products, or DIY projects like the Dottie Rose Foundation.


  • Customization: Our boxes are tailored to match your brand’s colors, ensuring a cohesive and personalized experience.
  • Versatility: Perfect for group activities or individual use!
  • Purposeful Giving: Use our kits as gifts for donors, volunteers, and employees or as incentives for membership or fundraising efforts. 
  • Your Brand Amplified: Create your own Story Brand Box with YOUR ITEMS (pens, hats, t-shirts, brochures +  Charity Charms

Girls Camps + Retreats

Meetings + Team Building

Special Events + EVENT Gifts

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custom story boxes



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The Binary Bling Box
Assembled by Seeds for Autism | Used by The Dottie Rose Foundation

The Binary Bling Box, our collaboration with the Dottie Rose Foundation, is inspiring a new generation of female technologists by teaching them Binary Code through a fun and creative bracelet-making kit. Each kit, assembled by Seeds for Autism, includes colorful beads and is presented in an organza bag, empowering girls to write and understand code while expressing themselves.


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100% Quality Guarantee

We are committed to excellence we ensure every product meets our highest standards. Order with confidence knowing your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Made In the USA

We craft our charms with pride in the USA with recycled materials. Our charms embody American quality and craftsmanship, supporting local communities and businesses.

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Assembled By Nonprofits

Each product is assembled with care by our non-profit partner SEEDs for Autism which provides valuable work opportunities and creates a positive impact in our community.

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Download Charm School

For over 15 years, we have been an industry leader in cause jewelry. With this in mind, we have created a downloadable resource to help you get the most out of your custom charm program. From funding your charms to their many uses, Charm School has you covered!

Charmstorm: A Brainstorming Sample Kit

Touch and feel the quality of our charms and products with the Charmstorm sample kit. Our sample kit features examples of our products including our most popular items.

Each sample pack includes:

  • Logo Charm and Branding Bead samples
  • 5 symbol GivingBand samples
  • 1 each: Charma Power, Bangle Dangle, Caring Cord, Charm Fob, and Keychain
  • Sample carding and collateral on how to use your charms and a price sheet

The Charmstorm sample pack helps you see all of the fun, customizable options we offer. In addition, you’ll have the inspiration for crafting your very own unique charming campaign!

custom jewelry sample kit 

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