Truth, Heritage, Ritual, and Symbolism with Alicia Ontiveros

by Feb 24, 2022Podcast

Throughout our lives, we are driven in different directions whether through career, life, or just our passions. But so much of who we are begins with where we come from and the experiences that shape us. Our latest Power of Charms interview features an incredible young woman who is using her creativity to show her perspective and heritage with the world.

Join Kay and Alicia Ontiveros as they chat about career transitions, embracing one’s heritage, her artistic pursuits, rituals and more!

Watch their conversation below or click here to listen on Spotify.

Alicia’s Power Symbol: The Clematis Flower

Symbols can come to us anywhere at any time and become a central part of our lives. The Clematis Flower became Alicia’s Power Symbol after seeing it vividly in a few of her dreams. Not knowing what type of flower it was she did some research and found out it was used exactly as she used it within her dream. Today, she continues to use sightings of this beautiful flower to reassure her she is on the right path. The Clematis Flower stands for wisdom, aspiration, travel, and even mischief!

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About Alicia Ontiveros

Alicia Ontiveros is an award-winning producer, writer, and director with over 15 years of experience crafting original scripted and documentary content. She is host of the podcast Unsolicited with Alicia Ontiveros where she gives the inside scoop on her adventures in film and tv. Her creative vision is shaped by exploring the intersection of truth, heritage, and ritual. Alicia’s work has aired on National Geographic, The History Channel, The Weather Channel, Animal Planet, CNBC, The Biography Channel, and PBS. Alicia holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern University and was named one of 50 Women Who Can Change the World in Media and Entertainment by Take the Lead Foundation.

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