Lesson One:

Brand Your Cause

There are millions of charities and nonprofits in the world. Every day potential supporters and donors are bombarded at all angles.

How do you set your cause apart?

You have the potential to define your brand through your logo, icons, colors, and keywords. Think about the instant impact of the Nike brand, The Salvation Army brand, or Stand Up to Cancer.

These well known brands capitalize on graphics and products to create a lasting impact.

Effective branding helps deepen your cause’s impact and its longevity

Building a strong recognizable brand not only helps you differentiate yourself but helps you harness the power of storytelling.

Wearable, branded items create an opportunity to share your story through word of mouth.

There are many widely recognized organizations with instant impact. Shouldn’t your cause be one of them?

No matter what your size you can define and refine your branding to make an impact. 

Branding fact: It takes only 10 seconds for someone to form an overall impression of your brand

Listen to ideas on building your brand in a wearable way from t-shirts to bracelets.

Watch the full episode of The NPO Talk Show about Cause Marketing

Branding and Cause Awareness Case Study:

Get Behind the Red Shield with the Salvation Army

What was their need?

A Salvation Army division needed a conference takeaway that reminded attendees of their event and inspire others to Get Behind the Red Shield 

How We Solved This Need

We created Get Behind the Red Shield Caring Cords. Caring Cords are unisex, braided bracelets that appeal to a wide audience. They came in the Salvation Army’s signature red and black colors. Each bracelet featured a mini logo charm of the iconic Salvation Army Shield and conference slogan on the back. 

Increasing Cause and Brand Awareness

cause branding the salvation army cause products

Cause and brand awareness go hand in hand

A strong brand can be worth its weight in gold especially when maintained properly through all marketing channels.

You may have an emotional appeal to communicate to potential supporters, but do you know how to help your cause become synonymous with your name?

5 Reasons to Increase Brand Awareness

1. Differentiate yourself

2. Help people fall in love with your cause

3. Unite your tribe

4. Commemorate victories

5. Make yourself instantly identifiable

marketing statistics cause branding

Click the Images Below to See Other Brand Awareness Examples

Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

Canine Companions for Independence

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